First Post – 2nd Jan 2018 / 23.37Pm

Hello.. it’s my first time writing here.. I usually typed everything on my tumblr . I am gonna try to write everything here since it’s anonymous…

It’s already 2nd jan here, hubby is working out station for a month and only be coming back on saturday evening. And I will be left alone with my housemate and his wife. The housemate is my hubby’s friend from hometown, but I wished that we are not renting this house with them. Really no privacy and all. I hate it . And the house is all messy and the housemate makes it like it’s his store room with this electrical stuffs. :/ 

Anyways, this year, I am really hoping that I will get pregnant after 3 years of marriage . I am sad that I am still childless, and my younger sister in law who got married later than me, her baby is already 2 years old . I keep a lot to myself about this, but sometimes I will talk to my sister about it . 

My father and mother in laws went back to their hometown after visiting for a relative’s wedding, they asked me to boil this Chinese herbs and goat meat for 4 hours . They said , it’s good for my womb .. well.. I know they are trying a lot to help us get pregnant too. With all the traditional medicine and doctors…. I feel like giving up ..

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