Good morning!!!

Its been a day since I close 70% of my social media account. I left my Twitter on for the sake of getting news, my line on for the sake of discount/coupon (no one contact me via line tbh) and my webtoon on for the sake fighting my boredom.

I still cannot get out of my addiction, I should have stop it but I can’t.  I don’t know what to do. 

Today will be another busy day at work. I have audit to prepare, teams to coordinate, and government agency to visit. My life so far consist of drowning myself at work. And it already happened for so long.

I want my life back, life that consist of human relationship. 

Why is it so hard to understand people, and make people understand you. Why is it so easy to love and so hard to belove.

Its 7.30 am and I still burried in my blanket. Lazy me, stupid me!

So I gotta go and prepared for work. I will write you again after work or during lunch. Well I don’t have anything to do anyway.

And shoot I forget to prepare my juice!

Okay, Nis its just 2 days of 2018. You will be okay, everything will gonna be okay. Just don’t lose your grip okay. No one there for you, so you have to be strong.

Recite this charm everyday and surely you’ll be okay. Okay?

One thought on “Good morning!!!”

  1. Workaholisim.. I get it. But taking time for yourself is important. I treat myself to a very nice bubble bath every week or so. Now it has grown to Bubble bath with….Wine,candles, TV show (an hour long), smokes, sometimes food, bath crystals, bath pillow.. do it hunny, you’ll be in heaven.. HAHA

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