Hello 2018


The good ol’ new year new me bullshit. But it really is time for me to seriously work on myself physically and continue to work on myself mentally and emotionally. I’m 30 years old and I’m entering a fresh, loving, fun and successful new chapter in my life and it’s about time that I sort my shit out. 

I really enjoyed how I saw in the new year. Beers in the sun, a long relaxing spa, eating all the delicious food that I won’t be eating in 2018, great sex, then falling asleep watching the cricket with my love only to have him wake me up at 11:45pm to see on the new year with him drinking my favorite craft beer (Knife Party), watching the fireworks on TV and then falling back to sleep again. I loved this boring new years and I also enjoyed waking up sober and starting the new year feeling good. Even work was super chill. 

Looking back on 2017 I actually had a great year and for once I’m looking forward to the year ahead. So here are my goals for 2018

To keep a journal / diary / a place to write about what is going on with me. 
Read more books

Sort out my finances
Start  budget
Pay off my credit card
Save for a new car and travel
Get a decent amount of savings behind me

Be 100% plant based. Live (eat) a healthy life

Get fit, tone and lose weight (10kg)
PT sessions twice a week
Cardio at the gym three times a week
Walk Brando 
I want to fit into all my clothes again and look fucking great in them and feel confident in my clothes

Continue to work on my mental health
Learn to chill and not take things personally
To be more balanced and happy
Use the Bliss daily to record what I am grateful for
To care less about what people think about me (what people say about me behind my back is none of my business)

To be a more passionate lover and a supportive, fun, loving girlfriend.
Learn to chill out more and be more secure in myself and in our relationship
Learn to trust 100%
Have more sex, more date nights / taking charge in organising date nights and fun shit
Have lots of fun times / experiences together
Deepen our relationship

To excel in my career
Continue to learn, grow and develop my skill set
To get a pay rise/ promotion
To be the best

Do develop deeper and closer friendships
Put in the effort to see my friends
Create my own positive, fun, supportive tribe

Welcome 2018 I can’t wait to see all the great things that you have in store for me. 


3 thoughts on “Hello 2018”

  1. Awwee what a positive entry. I wish a successful year for you sir. Happy new year

  2. we totally have the same set of goals for 2018! Of course, not all of it but totally most of it! wish us luck! 🙂

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