Jan. 2. 2018

I am very tired.

Yet, very happy. My old boss told me to come into work today. So I have work with her from now on. And my 6 other clients. I should be set for a bit anyway. It’s not full-time work with her…but it’s work. I’ll take it. The day went well. However I did run out of gas…AGAIN. Note to self: Get the gas gauge fixed. I had to buy a used car in a hurry, my Smart Car doesn’t drive AT ALL in the winter. I am not exaggerating. It’s as if my Smart (I named her DOT) see’s 2 cm of snow and is just like “NOPE..not today sorry”. It’s ok. I am blessed to be able to have 2 cars. Fixing them and maintenancing them is the issue.

I can never seem to get my shit together when it comes to cars. EVER. In the past 5 years I have owned 5 cars. I didn’t total them, they would just break and the cost to fix them would be more then what the car is worth. It’s my fault though, I am not getting an inspection done on them. I usually need all the money I can save just to buy the car. It is usually last minute too. I was told DOT can drive in the winter. Invested the best Winter tires for her.. and NOPE. Grr.. It’s ok. She is almost paid off. I think I am done payments for her in June or July.

My hands are still sort of numb from trying to open the Gerry Can this evening. Good news is I didn’t run out on the road. Always a silver lining!

I just made Shake and Bake chicken for my hubby and I. I am very proud of it. I am slowly learning how to cook. I know Shake and Bake isn’t much.. I have made other meals too. The Little House on the Prarie is inspiring me to be a little (a little) bit more domestic. I didn’t cut myself or burn myself today! Progress!

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