New year

New years in our home used to be so much fun. Even though our family just consists of 3 persons- me, my dad and mom. We always had relatives, neighbors, mom’s friends and dad’s workers come in our house to eat and celebrate new year. 

The more, the merrier. 

we also follow some of the tradition and beliefs which makes it more fun. Example: jumping with coins in our pockets so you’ll get tall and will have a lot of money for the rest of the year, turning on all the appliances(t.v, radio etc), vehicles, gadgets so it will be in good condition for longer period of time, rolling lots of chocolates and coins to our floor for good luck and a lot more.  

lighting a many fireworks, fountains and fire crackers is a must. 

but as I get older my mom and dad got tired 😢

New year 2018 was really quite silent comparing to the previous years. 

I’m still happy that my mom and dad are with me happy and healthy. We ate delicious food and had some laugh with our 2 visitors. 


I’m just whining about how different it was.

Happy New Year anonymous people!


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  1. Happy New Year! I don’t have any siblings as well so I can relate

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