Question For Everyone and Anyone

Ok… So I may be opening up to a lot of information here, but I’m genuinely curious… 

I have never been a religious person. I went to an Episcopal church until I made my first communion, then never went again. I honestly don’t even remember anything from that time. I have looked into different religions and found pieces in all of them that made so much sense to me, but I haven’t really felt that any single one is for me. I don’t know what I believe in, whether or not there is a God, or if God is just an idea that sparks action no matter which God or religion you’re thinking about. 

I’m a logical person, and while the idea of any God being real seems absurd at times, I also know that the world and the universe are so incredibly big and that just about anything is possible, past, present, or future. I would never tell someone that God did not exist, just like I wouldn’t expect someone to try and convince me that a God did exist. 

I want to figure out what I believe in, but I just don’t know how to do it. If I should try, or if it’s supposed to just happen. I’m curious about what you all believe in, did you always believe, was there a moment in time that changed your beliefs, how would you describe what you believe to someone like me…. and on and on… 

I’m just looking for points of view from your perspective on what you believe (which God(s) and religion) and why. There will be zero judgement from me, I just want to figure out how to understand all of this. 

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