Tuesday January 2nd

I went to school for a little while today. I have a plan for tomorrow, but no further for 7th grade. Ugh. I have 92 days left in this school year. That means I will have to come up with about 88 more days of lessons for them. I hope to hell I don’t have to teach 7th grade next year. Surely I will be able to work it out that I won’t have to. I just have no interest in planning the content, and I just don’t like that age. There are about 5 kids out of the two classes I have now that I actually like. Kids that age are punks. All they want to do is sit on their effing phones. 

I do feel better about my money situation Now that I’m getting paid- even if it’s not as much as last year, at least it’s enough for me to survive and pay my bills. I have a plan to get myself out of debt within the year and to save up enough money to buy a house in 2 years. I need to stick to it. I need to save money. There’s really nothing for me to buy other than stuff for school- I don’t want to buy things for my house since I won’t know what will work in what I eventually buy and there’s no sense in buying furniture that will just have to be moved. Clothes, shoes, handbags? Uh, no. No need for them. No where to wear them or no one to see me in them. 

I will start getting paid my correct salary in August of next year. My credit cards will be paid off by then, too. I am trying my very best to stick to my resolution of not looking back or reaching out to people that don’t want to hear from me. 

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  1. Thanks for checking on me. It’s been the weirdest thing. I got locked out of this account. I got an email saying I had made too many incorrect password attempts, which was not true- I had not made any attempts. I know exactly what my password is- I can’t imagine why anyone would try to hack this account??? So strange. Today is the first day I’ve been able to get back in.

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