Why cheese in the trap?

For movies or tv series, I’m the type of person who makes it a point to watch them ’til the end no matter how bad they may be.  If it’s super duper bad and I’m halfway already, I’ll just force myself and watch the entire film with sighs in between.  Not a good habit, eh?

However, there’s this one k-drama that I was really into but decided to discontinue watching.

If you had taken a good notice of my username, and if you’re familiar with the k-drama world, you probably guessed it already.  Yeah, that’s “Cheese in the trap”.

This series has gotten me okay.  I like how the characters were portrayed.  The cinematography was distinct, like vintage or faded.  It will make you feel something.  Yeah, that’s it.  To me, that feeling was… pain.  A different kind of pain that I just can’t explain.

I don’t wanna know how Yoo Jung would turn out.  He’s being subtly portrayed as some kind of a sad and controlling guy.  I imagined the end would be tragic and depressing. 

I stopped at episode 12.  It’s 16 episodes in total by the way. 

So in honor of the first ever tv series that made me not being able to watch something ‘til the end, I’m having it as my alias here in GoodNight Journal.

That’s it.  Good night, Journal!

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