142 – idk

Something has a hold of my mental state today. I am sinking into a dark place. Many factors at play. Hormones for the most part. Sugar. Work. Family. Fitness. Post-holiday.

Positive stuff: the days are getting longer. That is a huge change for the better. And with my work hours changing I will get still more daylight time. This is really good. It makes me happier at this moment to think about that.

The moon is so bright now with the snow on the ground. It is full or nearly. Or just past. I can’t really tell.  My cat is full of mischief. It is so funny to watch him.  I had forgotten how the moon can effect cats.  I’m tired at the moment. Like shutting my eyes tired. Like I can’t stay awake tired. Oh boy.  Must snap out of this. What am I going to do today – work that is?  What can I do to pass the time productively? So far (an hour later) nothing.  I have read the high school course catalog. Tonight is parent orientation for next year’s incoming freshmen.  How the bloody hell did we get here so fast? Makes me happy and sad all at once. She’s still my little girl – but holy smokes she is growing up so fast. I know she will find her way. It just scares the bejesus out of me to think of my little person going off to high school. But here we are. Ok.  So what am I going to do next? I haven’t made any work progress. I think I resolved 1 issue. So that’s something. I keep checking the TEACH website to see if my last 2 requirements have been met. Nothing.  I check a dozen times a day. I just ate some chocolate covered almonds. I think that is where my trouble started yesterday.  Then it was trailmix with m&m’s in it.  Then it was cookies last night. No wonder I’m a sugared up hot mess. OK time to leave this.  Time to see if I can get some work done.

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