[157] ~*Wed – 01/03/18*~

[5:02 pm]

I got an answer from Service NB and it didn’t help. They said a car could only have one reject sticker and only 14 days to fix the car. Now they want my sticker number to see what can be done as it is expired and I can only get the car in on the 16th. Problem is, they never gave me the actual reject, they left my sticker as the month wasn’t over. Now, if I tell this to Service NB, will the garage be in trouble?! Cause I don’t want to cause them shit. I went to the garage to talk to them and see what I should do but it was the same dude as yesterday so he wasn’t any help. He told me to talk to the boss which is currently off as he’s sick.

So yea, I got an answer to my question and more. They are asking where and when the apt was made for the body shop to see if I could of had one before and blah blah. Bunch of BS I tell ya! If only towing wasn’t so expensive I’d just tow the damn car back and forth but that’s like $60 each way so no thank you. I think I will just risk it and if ever I get pull over I’ll explain my situation in hope they take pity on me.

My eye a bit sore as well. Not my actual eye but around it. Feels like a bit of pressure but I really don’t want to go to the ER. I read that you shouldn’t take Aspirin when you have this cause of the blood vessel but I wonder about Tylenol or something. I guess it’s not that painful to where I need it but I’ll be glad once it’s healed.

Hub finally called to make an apt for the car to get the winter tires on. About damn time. I don’t want to be driving with clients without winter tires. We also need to get the sunroof checked out as it opened by itself earlier. That was creepy! It happened before and they had a recall on it so they fixed it but ermm.. Happened again while I was alone and it actually opened the whole way and I couldn’t even get it to shut back but finally did. Craziness!

Hub also called Aliant to see if they would give us a better price as our thing just ended but nope, they aren’t really helping. It will go up like $32/month. We decided to try our “we’re changing company card” again. We will make an apt with Rogers to switch in hope to get a call from retention for a better price. If not, we’ll just change. I don’t really want too but for money I guess I will.

I’m currently at the club and as always, the time is going so very slowly. I hope I can change this client’s time soon although it’s not any better on Thu, it goes as slow. Talking about work, the girl at the office is pissing me off. She called this morning at like 8:23 am asking me to take a client today from 11-1. I didn’t pick up. I said I wanted Wed off, not work the morning. Gaw! I couldn’t of done it anyways, I had my laser today. Next week, my hair. Can’t believe it’s already been two months. Time is really going by way too fast.




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