Alone but not lonely

What they say is true, the maturer you get, the lesser you care!

I am more comfortable being alone now.  Yeah, that “I am alone but not lonely” is a hella true!

The most noticeable difference between then and now is that in the past, I would never eat alone.  I dread the thought of eating — especially in a restaurant full of people — with just myself.  And even in between breaks at work, I would always call a friend to go with me or I will squeeze myself to go with a group.  I’d skip meals if it’s just me. (Oh, that’s why I was skinny.)

But now… I really couldn’t care less!  I just had my dinner tonight in a fancy restaurant all by myself and enjoyed it so much. 

Actually, I’ve been going out alone lately.  And it actually feels nice.  I don’t know what change.  I’ll just have to thank adulting for that perhaps? 🙂

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