Back to reality

It’s now the 3rd day of January which means that everyone would be getting back to their routines, going to the office or doing some school work. Reality kicks back in. Everyone has not yet moved on from the holidays but doesn’t TED about it that much. Just do do do. 

Last night, had one of my tantrums again. I really hate being ignored and she just ignored an important statement. For me, that was important. I was telling her about the meme of “the number of views for every ig story/ fb myday doesn’t matter unless your crush views it”. I wanted her to realize that I was relating the meme to me, being the owner of the post, and her, being the “crush”. Instead, she just went on and on about her forgetting a quiz about a certain subject thus me, my tantrums, and started the cold response. She may have just associated my “cold response” with my headache and sleepiness thus insisted we call it a night.

Since the start of January 2018, we’ve had moments of awkward conversations. It has just been 3 fckng days since the start of the year and yet here I am, being so transparent about how I feel and being such an inconsiderate ass. 

PLEASE, ANY HIGHER BEING. GIVE ME A CHANGE OF HEART. I hate it when I give her the cold shoulder but I just cant stop my attitude 🙁

been writing the summary of my 2017 since yesterday. hope to finish it today and see whether I would be writing it in an actual journal or just keep it here on an online journal webpage.

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