Just be positive -3rd Jan 2018/7.57pm

You know you fat AF when your father in law told you he is gonna buy a product so that you can slim down a little . I just put on a fake smile and said okay. He’s been telling me to try the product since early last year . This time I just say OK . I am always been to  on the heavy side since I can remember, I tried to lose weight and the most I lost is from 86kg to 70kg, then I gained everything back. Back at square one .. 82kg currently . I know if I lose some weight I will feel happy and confident . But being diagnosed with PCOS, which effects my hormone, it’s kinda hard . 

Been doing some workout the past few weeks, at least for 30 minutes . Gonna start going to the gym next week . I know my husband loves me the way I am, but when you are the only hippo among their family, it’s hard. 🙁 … everytime they talk about how thin or fat some of their family members are, I just sit their and tell myself don’t worry ..it will pass….


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  1. I don’t know who you are or how you look like, but I know for a fact that you’re beautiful.

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