Last contact

He called two nights ago stating that he wants to understand. I wish he would. I think he does somewhat but cannot bring himself to validate my feelings for whatever reason and apologize. He knows I know the truth, but will not acknowledge that either. I wish I could’ve known him. With every moment that passes I’m more thankful than the last that his deceptive strings have but cut. I am constantly being given confirmation that I did the right thing. He acts oblivious to the pain that such a huge deception causes. He has no idea that yeah.. he hurt me… but he cuts himself off from reality with ever lie. It may appear at times that his head to be above water. Don’t think for one second that your belief or unbelief has even the tiniest bearing on its truth. Make no mistake that the truth is what he won’t let you know or see is that he is a predatory butcher and that he’s wearing his victims chunks of flesh sown from some of his personal favorites. The only original body part belonging to this dirty grungy evil being,  was the head. It adorned its .pure white light masking layer that could only be seen for what it truly was. The favorites would all be of the most immune, innocents, and great power. The cloak of chunky meat was said to have to having the purest blood known and believed to have been able to not only cure the sick, but to also give life to a dying body. Everyone and everything to say the least was familiar with that meat coat!

Some of the most valuable lessons in life are that the ones that own claims are always only that. A small and miraculously empowered chunk of flush that was when connected to that that Devine power source was life sustaining and life giving, it was powerful. But the second it was severed from the power source it died. 

Very alone now. Days are so long and nights even more so. There’s no-one to share anything with. Very quiet. If and when I die up here… my bodies stinking rot is why they will find me. 

I did the right thing! I loved as Jesus commanded and did. I gave what and when I could. I forgave when no-one asked. I spoke wrongly of no-one. I prayed for the ones that took advantage of me. I did not seek revenge. I tried to be the kind of friend that a friend would like to have. I asked forgiveness when i felt i had done wrong. I understood how to love and gave it sparingly, even when I knew they could not understand and would use me. I asked God for wisdom and understanding in all things. I wish there was some one that saw and loved these things about me, and enjoyed my company enough to call or visit every day!

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