Make Vaalnest a Part of your Road Trip!

Nothing compensates for some much-needed family time more than a road trip. As the vacation season looms, many families, and friends plan on embarking on a summer road trip this December. A couple of hours or even days on the road with your favourite group of people sounds like a solid plan for a festive season getaway!

There are many perks that come with a road trip. Adventure doesn’t start at the destination, but rather starts from the minute you leave your home, you have the opportunity to explore the magnificent areas located on route to your destination, and it’s the perfect excuse to enjoy the many one-stop locations the country has to offer. Most importantly, road trips make for great memories and amazing experiences, and calls for people to cherish the journey more than the destination.

Popular road trip destinations include the ever-sunny Durban, the windy city of Cape Town, the scenic Drakensburg and a Safari experience at the Kruger National Park. And if you are planning a trip to Durban, the Drakensburg, or even Lesotho then you are in luck! Fortunately for you, a little gem is situated near the N3 on the way to any of these popular holiday destinations. A luxurious countryside getaway that is the perfect balance between relaxation and adventure can be located in the holiday town of Vaal Marina, at the Vaal Dam.

Stopping over for a night’s stay at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel on your journey is a great opportunity to experience the Vaal Dam in all its glory.  Whether you’re looking for some R&R time with a book overlooking the enchanting dam or you’re a water sport enthusiast eager to tick “speedboating on the Vaal” off your checklist- the Vaal Dam caters for every mood. This, along with the luxury suites and jam-packed activities we have on offer, your short stay at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel might be better than your actual destination. In fact, why not stay longer and make Vaalnest your ultimate December destination… you won’t regret it!

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