Moving Foward

This is something new for me, I often feel as if im the one recieving the calls to hear people vent or the one checking on people. I feel they do listen but don’t really want to. It’s crazy i could be wrong and in my feelings about it.

       So to start the new year off a 6 year relationship ended for me unplanned. I was saving for a wedding ring and talking about kids, while she informed me she was talking to someone else and they have her attention and she wasnt into it anymore. Just fucking great right? Lol. Its going on 3 months now and i still think about her as much as i try not too. I tried to fill the void with someone i do find attractive and enjoy spending time with to mend the wounds but its not the same. Time now is invested into work and the gym, catch myself  feeling bitter at times. But im focused and moving foward no matter what pain i feel. 

    They say time heals all and im sticking to that plus putting my faith in myself and the positive energy i put out into the earth. Im a firm believer of what you put out you get back. Not always but when it does come its a breathe of fresh air.  

      But if you do end of reading this, i hope you all have a blessed day at work. Remember We must only concern ourselves with the things we can control and want to put energy into. All the other bullshit and meaningless interaction we go through on a daily basis is just to keep society sane. 

4 thoughts on “Moving Foward”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I understand what you’re going through.. break ups suck especially when you never saw it coming or when it isn’t you that initialized the split. I was absolutely devastated when my relationship ended four years ago… I just didn’t think I’d ever feel the same way again. But now I’ve been with a guy for three years who just makes me thankful that things didn’t work out with my ex. It took years to get to where I am now but thank God I made it. And you will too. It’s gonna suck for a while but… one day it’ll be amazing. You’re one broken heart closer to finding the right person.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and for sharing as well. Im glad everything turned around for you. Congrats of the successful relationship this far. Im just patiently waiting for the day I dont think about her and feel any type of way. Meaning im over it lol

  3. Damn, that sucks, but everything happens for a reason. Sorry that is so cliche, but it’s true. Keep your positivity up, look in the right direction; it WILL get better, slowly but surely. I had THE heartbreak of a lifetime in late 2015, and then I completely mentally derailed in 2016, but I started seeing the light in 2017. I don’t think I’ll ever FULLY recover (we all THAT ONE heartbreak), but I’m doing much better now than before, in terms of productivity and staying focused on self-well being. It’s an arduous process, but trust yourself the most. You got this.

  4. thank you lotus i wish i can like you guys post. You really dont know what the kind encouragement means to me. Im really trying to be at that point where im just moving foward. I don’t hate her and as a man i should put my feelings aside. ‍♂️. Im glad your doing alright now

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