No longer broken, just under recostruction

This is my first journal entry on this website. I have been writing in journals since I was 7 years old but I have never shared a journal entry before so this is a first. The year has started rough… my OCD has been awful to me. I am constantly having compulsions to wash my hands and wash my clothes over and over again. I keep buying new loofahs and soap and lotion because I’m afraid that the ones I bought two days ago somehow got contaminated. I went to see a counsellor last year but it never helped… so I just read books and articles on OCD and how to conquer my germophobia. I have my mom, sisters, friends and boyfriend by my side to help me through this journey. When I was 14 years old I had no friends and certainly no love life. I was diagnosed with severe social anxiety and depression so I got counselling for two years. Now here I am at almost 20, and I’m battling a new mental illness. It sucks because I thought I’d never have another mental illness again after I beat my depression and anxiety. Yet here I am again at square one… At least this time I have a loving supportive family, a group of amazing friends and the love of my life.. the only guy I’ve ever loved. He’s been there for me for three years and hopefully many more years to come. <3 

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