Ooos times a tickin’

Well I see I already missed a couple of days which I really do not want to happen too much.  i want this to be a year where I type out as much as possible so I can see what the year was like.  Well my plan of determination for 2018 is to work on my health.  It is day 2 of 365 days and i already am on track with the use of my cpap machine.  baby steps they say.  I hate the fact that I have sleep apnea but if it is a machine that blows air into me to help not go into a stroke or have a heart attack then I guess time is of the essence to get used to using the crazy mask and machine.  I am calling to make a doctors appointment tomorrow.  I also have thyroid issues that are going untreated at the moment as well so time is of the essence to work on getting healthier with my thyroid and possible weight issues.  Other than that I am a happy go lucky lady who loves life.  Hoping to travel more and meet more people.  Life is an adventure and an adventurer i am.  Have a great day all!!!

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