😭 I just got done watching ” The lost girls of South Africa” . – it’s about young, beautiful girls that got raped,and as each of those girls told their story, I couldn’t help but to cry. To whoever is reading this, you can find it on Youtube. My heart shattered into a million pieces honestly, because rape is NOT okay, it’s never been okay & it doesn’t matter if a person is walking alone or the clothes their wearing or how they grew up ( whatever the case may be. It doesn’t give any man or woman the “Ok” to do such a thing ☹. I wonder how these Rapists feel? Do they wake up and say ” okay, I’m going to do something that’s so disgusting to a person, at the end of the day I’m satisfied” and not think about how it can damage a person mentally or physically?Leaving that person traumatized .  It’s like Rapists have no remorse or sympathy, but I bet they’d be piss if those tables turn, and it happens to their loved one.

Watching that video pissed me off when one of the girls were afraid to tell her Mom. It’s heartbreaking to come to a point like that, because in Today’s generation that’s exactly how it is. Either they don’t want their parent/s to Judge them or their just afraid. There was another girl and her Mom that said the police said that the young girl would get AIDS ( I wouldn’t wish that on no one, not even on someone that doesn’t like me).

There’s a whole lot I want to say, but I’m in disbelief. I just pray to God that all the victims are safe, even up to this day. They can’t see this message, but I just want them to know that their life doesn’t stop there. 

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