School Today and I’m tired

So  I ended up talking to my boyfriend till later 3am, we were talking about how much we care about eachother and talking about the stuff we have been through. It was lovely and I must say I truly love this guy! Wish he stays for a long long time in my life. 

At 7am, I was dreaming of something involving him, but I don’t remember anything. I can just remember something exciting was going to happen but then I got woken up by my mother and well I could have a better morning. I wanted to sleep, I was so tired. Though I knew that this is a new year. It’s time for me to get my shit together and get up from bed faster! So I did and put on my clothes I had put out form last night. I ate the breakfast my mother had prepared for the whole family. As usually I was in a rush in the morning. Though I did get to the busstop on time, even with my breakfast in my hands. It was nice finally having to get back on a pattern. I sat on the bus with my friend Patrycja as usual. And we passed my other two friends Lajla and Nuhamin on the way. 

Once I got to the school, I sat down on a couch in the hallway. When my two friends Lajla and Nuhamin came, the first thing they confronted me with was “are you still a virgin?” and I havent told them anything.. so the timing for that was great. I told them no and they freaked out jumping and screaming in front of everyone.. Honestly it was a funny view and well I was proud of myself. 

Otherwise the day wasnt that special. Went to classes. Talked to my friends. Talked to my boyfriend online. 

In our class called “studieøkt” though, we sat in a class with my german teacher who is really nice. Since we came in last, we had to sit at the front. We couldnt talk loudly like we do elsewhere, but we made a groupchat instead and had alot of fun there instead. We ended up making alot of jokes, sharing stuff… We ended up sitting at the front laughing loudly and I can imagine the people behind us must think we are very immature and very unserious people.. but it was fun! My friend Lajla also spotted a guy behind us she found interessting. All of us kept turning around looking at him, Its guaranteed that it was uncomfortable for him. Probably very confused too. 

In our last class, English. I was also taken in to have a teacher student conversation with yeah, my teacher. She told me my english writings are great and well I get top grades. But because of my anxiety, I dont have any oral grades she can grade me out of. I have just skipped every single presentation that has been, and she doesnt know how that will affect my grades. Though atleast im happy she isnt forcing me into anything that reallly touches my anxiety.

After school me, Lajla, Nuhamin and Thea went to visit the Thrift store, just to see if there are any interessting things there. Sadly there werent. After we went to the pet store and well, I want to get a small pet again; but i have so much other stuff to focus on right now I probably shouldnt. And I know myself that I’ll probably not be the best caregiver, like my father. 

Later I texted my boyfriend if he is done at work yet. And so he was so I asked for a hug since we arent going to hang out for another day. Ended up hanging out with me at the busstation for half an hour talking and hugging. When im with him I turn into such a clingy in love girl. We become that kind of couple thats so cute in public its almost.. looked down upon. I used to look at these kind of couples and think “Seriously, thats just chessy.”. Now I understand them and find seeing couples very cute. Sadly when the bus came, I had to let go and kiss him one last time for the day. The bus driver was so kind and waited for me to get in even when I was hugging him. Thank you bus driver for waiting for my in love ass! 

Now I am sitting here, supposed to study for the test for tomorrow. Instead I am updating my daily diary and watching youtube videos. 

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