what a day…

Honestly today has just been one of those days. my two boys aged 8 and 4 dont believe that when there off school they can sleep past 7 am, they was arguing from the time they woke up to the time they went to bed lol it amazes me what they find to argue about. my daughter 3 months and 3 weeks old usually sleeps through the night i dont know if its because its sooo windy outside its really loud  but she is currently in her cot gurgling  to herself ,cause she has just stopped crying.or because she is teething she just will not sleep . Teething is so horrible to see a baby go through all the pain they get just for there teeth to cut through the gums. ive tried teething powder but it hasn’t seemed to help so far.. I am defo not buying biccy pegs my 8 year old had them when he was teething and some how bit the thing in half with no bloody teeth lol. i wasn’t laughing at the time though being a first time mom i panicked. Though i will  say my daughter doesn’t seem to be as bad as what the two boys were when they was teething tbh i shouldn’t speak too soon really should i… well that’s all that’s  happened today not very entertaining really lol. so im currently wide awake at 1.28am extremely tired but cant go sleep cause my daughter is wide awake hopefully she will settle soon.. 

hope you have all had a great day..


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