[158] ~*Thu – 01/04/18*~

[11:53 pm]

Blah! I went out for only one client today as it was storming and they cancelled the rest of my day. I was kinda glad about it as I didn’t really feel comfortable driving in the snow without winter tires. When I have winter tires, bring it on. I was still paid for the rest of my day so that’s even better. When I got home I called TeleCare about my eye and she suggested that I see a doctor. Bleh! I tried calling some after hours clinics but of course they were closed due to the storm. I really didn’t wanted to go to the ER so I ended up going to bed from 4-8. When hub went to work I asked him to drop me off at the hospital. The waiting room was basically empty which was good so I was in and out in an hour. My eye is normal and just need to take some Advil or Tylenol for the pain. I should of asked her about my mucus as well but meh, I didn’t. I’m hoping what I’m taking right now will get rid of it, if not I’ll talk about it to my doctor when I see him on the Jan 23. So yea, it took an hour for me to be done and took me like an hour and 15 mins to get a darn drive back home. My friend was still working so I had to wait for her to be done and come pick me up. I had called another friend but she was stuck home, they hadn’t cleaned her parking lot yet. Bleh! I was going to take a taxi but yea, finally waited.




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