I’m honestly too drunk at the moment so if I type something irrelevant, you’ll know why…

sooo today was something else, I didn’t do much in the morning but do my face routine and wash dishes… at about 6 pm my friend picked me up and we went to go buy something t0 make from Walmart for dinner, we couldn’t make up our minds so we chose chicken alfredo after a while. we headed to target to pick up some stuff we forgot and after that went to her apartment. once we were there we started cooking because her brother was coming over to work on his financial aid. while we were cooking her boyfriend showed up, but she said he was always there so I didn’t mind. Once we had finished, well basically she was the one that finished…anyways we waited for her brother to get here because it was the right thing to do before eating dinner. We were all communicating and well I actually finally ended things with the guy I was talking to because he was full of shit. I felt a relief because he was a pain In the ass, not in a good way…after that we decided to play “Would You Rather” but we included shots. I had a great time, I’m sure they did too, until my friend got super drunk and got extremely emotional. Her brother and I went to go get her some food because she was extremely drunk. After that I had to go home so we had to find a way to leave my friends house without her knowing I was leaving, we eventually got out and well when we were on the way back…I kissed her brother. Her brother and I have been having a thing for over 2 years, I just think he’s super shy when he’s around me. I eventually told him I was sorry for kissing him, but I really wasn’t… I had a temptation to do it and well since I was drunk I thought “why not?”… he gave me lift home and before leaving I kissed him again, I just felt the need too. The whole way back, we spent it taking about our feelings and life. once we got home, we were outside chilling in his car and right when we are a cop shows up… she asked if everything was ok and we answered by saying yes, that he was just dropping me off. after that I said goodbye and I KISSED HIM AGAIN!!! LIKE WHAT WAS I THINKING… I just listened to my gut and did it…and I don’t regret it, I do regret drinking because I feel like shit and my head is spinning. 

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