Yes, I know that New Years is the most cliche time for making changes in your life, but I’m not above a good cliche. I also love having a plan. I would marry my planner if that sort of thing were legal. So changes were needed and this is the plan:

It all begins with 1 very important move. I’m kicking out my roommate. 

Before you think I’m a huge bitch, just know that I own the house and I lowered the previous tenant’s rent majorly so she could afford to move in because Fallon and I have been friends for so long. I have also tried for 6 months to get her to stop bringing the party home from the bar with her, to stop leaving her boyfriend and friends in the house when she goes to work, to stop leaving her dogs unattended for a whole day until they use the bathroom all over the house, to stop letting friends crash on our couch every fucking night. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve lived this life before, but it’s out of my system now. I love to go out and have too much to drink and whatever, but when I grew out of it I bought this house and that’s not what this house is. These conversations have gone no where except in the direction of what a judgmental bitch I am. 

So. New year, new day… She’s out. 30 day notice served today. I’m in for an awkward 30 days. 

Buuuuut… I am beyond psyched about having my space back! Money will be a little tighter, but I get a guest room again! I will have a place to take my food pictures for the blog! I’ll have the extra walk in closet for all my teacher supplies so they can get out of my closet! No more dog hair! No more losers on my couch! No more weed smell! No more every light in the house being on! I’m losing a friend, but let’s be honest… I’ve always been a much better friend than she was to me. And this is my year.

The next part of the plan is just generally getting my house back together. After those dogs get out it’ll take a serious professional cleaning, but even after that… I haven’t been very comfortable in my own house, so I’ve been kind of neglecting it. I’m getting back to the cleaning routine I had when I first bought the place. 

Next is the weight. I know, I know… Cliche city. I already eat super healthy and go to the gym, but I don’t go enough and I have smuch weight to lose. I’m trying to keep it reasonable… 8 pounds a month. That’s doable, right? 

The next thing is getting my ass out there in the world! I’m stuck in a rut lately and the thing about being stuck in a rut in a town like mine is you end up with losers like Fallon and her friends in your life. From here on out I am making a point to get out there and do things that are out of my comfort zone. I’ve been single for like 7 years and I have no need to rush into anything (I am certainly ready for the right one, but I have no use for the rest), but I also don’t think I’ll meet Mr. Right at my neighborhood bar. Besides, I’ve already dated them all, anyway *shrug* So, I’m getting out there! Already I’ve got a happy hour with a fellow blogger (previously only internet friends), a birthday party at a nightclub (it’s been like 10 years since I’ve been out to a club), a volunteering opportunity with people from church, and a date with a handsome French man I met a couple weeks ago and keep blowing off. Off to a good start, right? 

I’m trying to get back my favorite feeling in the world.. the feeling of moving in a positive direction. 

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