Gloomy day – 4th Jan 2018/3.14pm

These past few weeks , the weather has been so gloomy . No rain, no sun… just cloudy . I had to go to the laundry to dry the clothes . Luckily it’s just near my house. Had my car shipped from my hometown last year made me easier to go anywhere now . Before I have my car here, usually have to wait for hubby if I wanna buy things . Now I can go drive here. 

I need to force myself to work out today, otherwise I will lose my stamina that I built and have to start all over again. I’m gonna do it after this . Tomorrow my sister is coming here, so maybe I will go out and spend the day with her , then meet up with dad at night . Lucky I have my 4th sister here , she is currently working in a chinese restaurant as a chef . I hope she will be really successful one day . Youngest sister is also continuing study next week . Mum will be left at home with my teenager niece and 6 years old niece . I hope she will be okay .

I pity my parents, because we are all girls.. 5 girls to be exact . When you get married..especially woman, we will have to follow our husband no matter where he goes . So far, my eldest sister and me moved to another state with 4th sis in the same state as me.  Second sister lives at home too with her husband ,only will be back at night . We have really strong family bond, and usually videocall every 2-4 times  a week . I am thankful for that . Really thankful . 

Okay.. need to workout… for at least 30 mins.. and I feel sleepy all day because of this weather.. lol.. bye~

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