I’m too lazy to think of a title.


So this is my first time writing a journal entry… to be read by random humans around the world that I don’t know. Idk, how I feel about it, but I thought I’d give it a try. My parents are very concerned about internet privacy, and I guess I inherited that as well, so my entries may be shrouded in annonimity (I’m so proud I spelt that without autocorrect). So today wasn’t very eventful. I went driving for the second time ever! It was fun, but also quite scary because I was worried I’d tap the curb and cause the entire Southern Hemisphere to implode. Overall though, it was a thrilling experience. The one thing I can’t grasp is the accelerator! I mean, how do people drive with such a temperamental pedal!?! I’m telling you, I gently tap the pedal and I feel like I’m in The Fast and The Furious (except I’m not bald). Other than that, I really just vegetated, playing games and watching Netflix. I feel kinda bad for not doing anything remotely worth mentioning, but there’s something satisfying about reaching the state of complete relaxation which can only be related to a bear’s hibernation pattern. Anyways, I guess that’s Ma day. I know, super thrilling and jam packed.

So, if this is my first and last entry, I either gave up due to laziness or freaked out because I’m a worry wart, fuelled by scary internet stories.

Anyways, cya! (Possibly)

2 thoughts on “I’m too lazy to think of a title.”

  1. Just don’t share anything too personal (last name, specific names of places you go, etc) and you’ll be ok. And you’ll be surprised how much more insight you can gain from strangers than people you know.

  2. Just like Ms. Blake says, all is good, if you keep private stuff private. 😀

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