No Sleep Club

Four days into the New Year and I’m already tired as fuck. Having 6am starts mixed with shitty sleeps due to the heat and my dog constantly kicking me in the back, my sleep quality is super poor and man am I paying for it.

When I’m tired as fuck all motivation and self discipline flies out the fucking window and this is where I usually will fall back into bad habits. I will start eating shit again, ordering takeaways instead of making a meal myself, I will have a casual 4 beers, I will be lazy and not exerciser or clean the house. I just can not be fucked doing anything besides watching TV and sleeping. For me this is dangerous because even when I’m not tired I will just continue to be a lazy shit for months on end.

Good thing is, I have identified this as a behavioural pattern of mine and even though I am so fucking tired I refuse to let these bad habits rear their heads FOUR days into the new year. Surprisingly self discipline has kicked in and stayed and hopefully it will last for a while or will somehow help me develop new better habits when I am tired. 

I went to my first PT session yesterday and I vomited. 

I should probably go to bed earlier and start doing a bedtime routine or some shit. A relaxing wind down routine that eventual puts me into a deep sleep. Right now my bedtime routine is go to bed when I feel tired and read. Currently reading The Secret Book and Scone Society. It’s quite a good book, I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a murder mystery but I don’t really care much about the murder mystery part,  I love the characters and their stories. 

Or I could just sleep in till midday in the weekends. Sleeping in (especially when it is raining and cold outside) is the best.   

Work is so slow and boring at the moment that time doesn’t move at all and I have to somehow stop myself from falling asleep at my desk. A slow work day makes my tiredness even worse.  No amount of coffee seems to help but I do fucking love the taste and smell and a good cup of coffee can make or break your day.

This is shit chat but I’m just trying to get into the habit of writing. 

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  1. You’d be surprised what a warm glass of milk, before bed, serious do. Try drinking a warm glass of milk before bed and you’re going to be surprised how fast you’ll.fall asleep and how good quality of sleep you’ll get..

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