One Day at a Time

It is the third day into January, and it its been quite a rollercoaster of emotions. I stepped up to the plate and apologized to someone I never thought I would see myself apologizing to. It felt great honestly, to put the childish past behind and take steps ahead into a new friendship. I said goodbye to a relationship I jumped into way too fast. Sometimes, time is needed for self-healing and I hate to ruin something that was going so well, but it was the right thing to do and I pray that they find the happiness that they are looking for. They deserve it. I have been given another chance at love with the person who I am bound to determine is my soulmate. They give me such a feeling that I cannot describe and nobody in this world compares to them. They truly were hand picked for me from God, and I could not be more thankful that I have shared my life with them, and I cannot wait to continue sharing it with them. I have taken working out and eating healthy very seriously the past few weeks and have already seen positive results, which has improved my overall well-being, both physically and mentally. I am ready to start my second semester of college in a few days and put forth all effort into becoming a hard-driven and determined student. I feel like I am starting to feel like the person that I strive to be. The person who people can look at and say, “She has changed for the better.” The person I once was only cared about themselves and was too stubborn to let anyone change her mind. Nobody else’s feelings or opinions had an impact on her. She was too caught up in her own mind. The person whose name was either smiled or disgusted at. The person I strive to be is one that people look forward to seeing and cherish in their life. The person who is kind and compassionate to all. The person who is grateful that she wakes up everyday. The person who appreciates the given second chances.  The person who allows for others feelings and opinions to be put into consideration. The person who is determined to be an outstanding student, to make not only herself proud, but her parents, family, professors, and past teachers. 

I am slowly becoming the person I strive to be, one day at a time. 

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