Private Life of a House of Five (Aiden) Happy Late New Year!

 Oh man I thought my hangover was never gonna go away! I finally feel decent enough to tell everyone about what happened. So, sir actually loosened up enough for us to celebrate New Years crazy right? What’s the first thing you need to bring in the new year? Drinks! So I went out with Sir and helped pick out the drinks. He got some vodka, fireball, and fruity drinks for the ladies and what did I get you ask? Hehe I got Jager and I made sure everyone got a taste even if they didn’t know it. 

Everybody thinks you need to go out on new years to a bar and party, but nope not us! We had a blast at the house. At first things started off simple, we had the TV on ready for when it hits midnight and having a few mixed drinks and vodka gummi bears. Then came the shots. After some Kool Aid and vodka shots which I may have added some Jager to everyone was gone! Music blasting, partying the best way we know how! 

Xemera was trying to copy our pet fish Sunny D (Don’t ask about the name it was also my fault) Mae was standing on the couch in her swimsuit and one of Jax’s ties around her head while rapping The Real Slim Shady while attempting to twerk, I caught Jax with one of Mae’s sewing dummies in the kitchen singing Grind on Me I think you know what he was doing haha, Sir good lord I’ve never seen that man act so…loose! He was laughing at nothing for a little bit before squirming on the ground pretending to be a piece of spaghetti. He denies it now and I wish I could’ve gotten it on video, but trust me it happened. I don’t think anyone remembers what they did. All I can remember is what everyone else was doing before taking my shot of Jager. After that, it’s blank. I did wake up in the bathroom half naked, so whatever I did it must’ve been fun!

I hope your new years was just as fun as ours!  

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