Why we travel.

I’m heading to Canada tomorrow. Makes me wonder what makes us want to go out of the country all the time. Why is travelling such an aspiration for us to discover ourselves.

As I said, I’m going to Canada tomorrow with one of my closest cousin and best friend. For some reason, all I can think about is finding myself, leaving my worries behind and starting fresh. I doubt I’ll actually be someone new once I get back to my home country. We all know that at the end of the day we’re still the same old us except pretending to be better. 

So, what is it about this romanticized idea of travelling that makes us feel like we’ll be someone different? Is it because of social media or the movies where every leading lady discovers herself, finds love and comes back as this amazing woman who suddenly can face anything now. 

I wish I was in the movies, so that my anxiety will just go away and I’ll suddenly ace all my exams, find new love and not be afraid. But deep inside I know that when I get back I’ll have to worry about the same things that has woken me up at night.

Regardless, I will still travel tomorrow with the same aspirations as what everyone has told us–travel far enough and you’ll find yourself. I’ll be praying for an epiphany where I’ll love myself and discover something about me that I can bring back home. As part of being human, all we can ever do is hope for better things. I’m not perfect, hopefully so are you. So that every time we travel or do something new and exciting we seek for a better life for ourselves and that we constantly change to rediscover who we really are. 

Realistically speaking, travelling won’t take your problems away, it won’t magically make you perfect. We all know that, but part of having a good vacation is to have a goal. Set your mind to discovering at least one part of yourself or challenge yourself to change something about you that some people might not like or face a fear that has always hindered you from doing something. As for me, I’ll try loving myself throughout this adventure. My goal, which can always change during my trip, is to see a part of me that I can bring back home to help me at the very least face my anxieties, my overbearing constant anxieties. 

Pray for me and wish me all the best! I hope the same for you too! You’ll never know, you might actually be your very own leading lady.


from the girl who almost always never brings an umbrella.

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