[159] ~*Fri – 01/05/18*~

[5:15 pm]

Can’t wait for my car to be fix cause I really don’t like having to take clients in the newer car. It’s also a pain as I need to find someone to bring hub to work and I need to go get him for midnight when I should be in bed at that time. At least it’s only for a week or so as when he starts being over night we can share the one car until mine gets fix.

My last client cancelled which I didn’t mind at all, I can do my laundry that I didn’t do last night as I ended up taking a nap and going to the ER. Aliant also called back to offer us a better deal so we wouldn’t switch. I was hoping they would but I really didn’t think they would do so as she didn’t offer anything to hub when he called to have the services cancelled. It was funny cause the guy that called is our next door neighbor. Haha! He told hub he could of came over to do it in person but decided to call. I sorta wanted to go see him and ask him if he was able to do anything to help us out but decided to leave him alone but he ended up having to call us anyways. Quite funny!

Beside that, my eye seems a lil better but it still hurts and I haven’t taking anything for it yet. I wanted to go buy some Advil Sinus like the doctor had told me to do but I was planning on doing that with my last client which ended up cancelling so I just came home.

I’m so tired right now that I could go sleep but I can’t cause I have to go get hub from work at midnight. Bleh! I guess I will be watching shows.




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