I ain’t going to start ANOTHER new journal because this one is “ruined”.

I been in quite a pissy mood every time I come here to write, it’s to vent.

I changed some of entries to private so that certain people, who might suspect I’m on here don’t see them.  Words cut.  Deeper than a physical blow.  I could give you SEVERAL examples of that.  I never knew how real until it kept happening over and over.  That nursery rhyme “sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt” is a fucking lie.  Don’t believe it.  I used to chant that phrase as a kid.  Perhaps it fucked me over one last time.

Be mindful of the words you say to people, and the thoughts in your head that you tell yourself..

One thought on “Ain’t”

  1. “Careful the things you say; children will listen.” -Stephen Sondheim
    That stupid “sticks and stones” phrase just sounds like a high road chant to teach children so they shut up about people putting them down. Rise above.

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