i want a girlfriend

you ever just get hit by a wave of “i really want a girlfriend” after not thinking about it for a while? like i didn’t care but like,,, i really want a girlfriend.

but the thing is i probably don’t actually. what’s the point of dating? it seems scary!! i’ll be nervous and awkward and then they’ll probably break up with me and i’ll be sad. the concept is nice, but i feel like in practice i wouldn’t really want to date. but still… i’ve never dated anyone before and i kind of want to just for the experience? so i can say that i have? ughh i want a girlfriend

One thought on “i want a girlfriend”

  1. I get that feeling all the time, like “Man do I want to be dating someone right now.” I’ve dated one time before, and it was great, but we both ended up not knowing what to do. We just weren’t ready. Sometimes, the feeling you get just from BEING IN a relationship is addicting all by itself.

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