Jan 5, 2018 Friday 1:45 pm

I woke up at 10:15 AM,  didn’t get much sleep , about 5 hours.  Couldn’t go back to sleep, think we might have bed bugs , woke up with bites all over me . I thought it might just be the pjs I was wearing , I kept itching and itching , got up around 11, havnt ate . Our pipes broke from being so cold outside , so no water, and apparently we’ve used alot of electricity,  good thing his he gets paid today . I really hope he brings back pizza , I’m hungry.  I haven’t ate since yesterday,  well last night. I ate some boneless chicken with some weird macaroni and smashed potatoes,  then I had some ice cream on a waffle cone . Since we’re running low on money for electricity I decided to turn it off and bring Athena ( wolf dog ) with me. I’m tired, and hungry. Will write later . 

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