Jan. 5th.2018

 Today I just had one of my own clients. I was suppose to have 2 of my clients and 2 from the other company, it didn’t work out like that today I guess. That’s fine. The first client was purging some of her cabinets and such. I got ALOT of stuff! I always like free stuff. Though I don’t need anymore-I have enough junk piles as it is. 


With a little reorganizing it should all be good to go! I got a pressure cooker. I don’t know how to use one- but I am excited to learn!


My friend we will call her Lynn is suppose to come over later. May play poker and some video games. Probubly drink too. I have church in the morning though, lets hope I stay in my limit! Otherwise, I will feel it tomorrow. Last thing I want is to sit through a 3 hour service with a hangover and Mic malfunctions Haha Haha! Oh boy!

Hubby is home today. He is currently in the process of making me some grilled cheese. I am starving. I don’t know what it is lately but man, I am always hungry. 


I can’t be preggers. Well….OK…I CAN..it is a possibility…slightly. But I don’t think its that. I think I am just not earring very hardy meals, missing nuteriants. Maybe I am not drinking enough water…I heard if your thirsty your body thinks its hunger. 

I am just sick of feeling hungry all the time. You know when your stomach turns inside out and growls.. Yeah one of those. 

Once I am fed I will get to reorganizing all my junk piles. I only have like 3 little piles..but it feels like a mess. Gotta get my act together! 





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