Today was much better than yesterday. Before school even started, I managed to track down my best friend, Rhea, and we hung out all the way up until the bell. First block was pretty fun. We still wasted a long time and read through a really boring piece, but then we ended with a really fun piece that we had dropped last year because we started it too close to the concert date. Second block was fun, too. A lot of discussion about Lord of the Flies, which everyone loved. Dana and I haven’t even made eye contact. I’m cool with that. Third block, we started a march, and its pretty fun. Brandy will probably like it, since she only plays pieces that are fast. Anything else and she just complains endlessly. Sucks to be her, since Ms. Truman really loves doing chorales. Fourth block we did another ice breaker, which was fun. We’ve been putting together ideas for the freshman introduction play, and everyone’s ideas are great.

I did better with my diet today. Luckily at lunch they were serving grilled chicken, so I just had that and kept my carbs down. I actually didn’t feel hungry at all after that. I think I’ve been filling the food gap with herbal tea. I’ve gone through most of my blueberry tea box, so to conserve it, right now I’m drinking apple spice. Keeps things going into the stomach without pouring in carbs. I was too afraid to check my weight this morning after my cheat yesterday, so tomorrow morning I hope to find a favorable number on the scale.

I’m kind of sad that my mom stopped getting tops off of Wish. She kept ordering them in her size but they always fit ME perfectly, and I look fantastic in them. I’ll probably look even better once I slim down, since oversized is cute. 

Thus far, I’ve had zero homework. Well, I have to reread Lord of the Flies since I did it in the summer, thinking that the class was in Fall, and tomorrow Mr. Stooge is emailing us next week’s Gov homework, but I consider that to be a pretty light load. Things are going okay.

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