I am horrible at this journaling thing but i am trying. So i missed a couple of days but today inwant to focus on Love and being loved. Thats my prayer for today. That the man God has planned for me can show me love the way i deserve to be loved. I dont know but love is a very tricky thing for me. There are so many people in my life and i know I am loved but i dont feel love. So it’s important for me to feel love and to be shown love. I also believe i am a very flawed person but who isnt?!! But i can sometimes consume myself with my flaws so much so that i dont love myself and show myself love. So maybe i should be praying that i to learn to love myself ( yall can help me out with that to, pray for ya girl).

My prayer for today: Lord please allow me to find a man that loves me not just the way i feel that i should be loved but the way You think i should be loved. A love that does not boast or envy. A love that is pure and centered around You and Your will over our lives. A love that is deserving of me and the woman you are preparing me to be. Thank you for this things and Your Promise to grant that which we ask for. I Love You. I asl these mercys in accordance to you will and in the name of your Son Jesus Christ.


ps. Really pray for me and i will pray for you. Love yall❤️

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