AntiAgeing+Retinol+GlycolicAcid+SPF50 = WTF

Went into Boots to update skincare routine while the January sales are still on and it occured to me that I should probably start looking into anti ageing products. I don’t yet have prominent wrinkling but prevention is better, no?

I spent a good hour or so reading ingredients and labels and trying to figure out WTF I’m supposed to be putting on my face. It felt OVERWHELMING and CONFUSING. There’s just so much crap out there. And what’s the guarantee that this £100 cream will truly prevent wrinkles? Surely I’d have to wait another 5 years to see the results? 

It’s all procrastination I reckon. Going to keep my skincare routine as it is, simple and quick. 

I have blemished skin with blackheads which never seem to want to leave me. I sometimes get pimples around the chin and I’m also South Asian so let’s not forget the unfortunate hairiness.

Current routine:

  • Wash face morning + evening (in the evening I double cleanse)
  • Toner 
  • A water gel moisturiser 
  • SPF 30 (mornings only) – EVERY SINGLE DAY. 


I’m not sure I’m ready for serums and facial oils and chemical peels and exfoliants.

The only thing I do like to indulge in every now and then is a good face mask from Lush. I usually pop into stores and ask for samples (hehehehehe) or a simple clay mask.

Maybe this year I’ll book myself a facial. It feels like the thing to do as a soon to be 25 year old woman. 

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