30 Days

So I found this thing called 30 days of journaling and decided to do it in addition to my normal journaling. Day 1 is introducing yourself.


I’m Bee. I’m 17, and a senior in high school. I go to a school that goes by four blocks instead of like a billion periods daily. I’m in our school’s band, choir and theatre. I play the flute, and currently hold first chair. I’m so happy it’s second semester so I get to do sit down band, because marching sucks. I sing the soprano part in choir. I used to take private lessons, but since my dad is retiring from the army soon, we don’t have any money left to fund that. I’m a major lead in comedic in drama. I’m really good at physical and facial humor, so my directors always put me there.

I suffer from ADD and insomnia, but I receive medication for both. Funnily enough, when I started taking melatonin for sleep, my ADD got kinda better, and when I started my meds for ADD, I fell asleep even easier. Makes things nice and clean.

I am currently pursuing someone. Not really actively. More like, passively. I don’t know him very well on a personal level. He’s super cute and a fantastic actor. Not to mention a great singer (he was the male lead in the school musical last year). I used to date another male lead from the musical. We were both not ready for a relationship at the time, and couldn’t figure out what we were supposed to do that we didn’t normally do. We played video games together and conversed over videos. Nothing really changed except that we were official, so he broke it off. Good move, ultimately, though I was upset at the time, since we actually did like each other, so the decision felt really left field.

I want to be a musician professionally. I used to want to be a director, but I don’t think I have good enough leadership qualities. I understand what leaders are meant to do, but I lack the assertion needed to effectively do those things.

I have two dogs, Lina and Scoobert. They’re old babies, but they’re still my babies.


This is all.

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  1. Lina and Scoobert <3 my baby's name is Hoshi. She's going to be 10 years old this September. They grow so fast.

    Best of luck with your pursuit, I hope to read more about it!

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