Day 1-6 of 365 2018 – Elevating to The Next Level

Hello, 2018 I can finally sit back and reflect on how the New Year Started. First I would like to start this journal entry by saying I know you already know what’s in store for me this 2018 but please I promise to be kind to you if you’re kind to me. 

Song of the Day: Still The Same by Sugarland

Well, the start of the new year was the best start to a new year I’ve had in awhile. Is there any better way to bring in the new year than celebrating love?

Now as I sit here finally back in the reality that is Chicago it’s Day 0 of a long journey of finding employment. I’m just about maxed out on all of my credit cards but I’m not bothered. I will continue to work hard and my goals. Speaking of goals this is the entry that I will reflect on at the end of the year to see how far I’ve come, so, with that being said let’s roll into goals of 2018 and what I want to accomplish not only physically but mentally as well.

Sugarland says it best in their new hit song “Still The Same” What comes next we don’t know, we’re not there yet, but, I bet it’s gonna shine brighter than all we left behind. 2018 will be the first year where it’s either sink or swim. I no longer have the Army or School to help me comfortably through the year.

1. Finacial Stability

I’m not looking to be part of the 1% in 2018, however, I want to be non-reliant on CC and asking people for money. To establish financial stability one must become financially responsible. I’ve been financially responsible in 2017, however, I can be better.

2. Discipline

Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience. I want to be disciplined in all facets of my life. I can be the first to admit that I’m impulsive which leads to me often being undisciplined. I want to be more disciplined with my time, money, and well-being. Going to the gym and elevating to that next level of being physically fit will take much discipline. It won’t be easy but it will be done. 

3. Love

This is an area to which I’ve been plagued at. I’ve never been great at showing emotions. The thought of someones warm embrace makes me sick. It’s one of the reasons I’m not the biggest fan of hugging. However, in recent years I’ve done much grow in this field but not nearly enough.  I’ve found the root as to why I hate showing emotions and its root cause is the insecurities that reside within me. Something happened to me over during my mini vacation to FL for the wedding. This event that took place could be a mild overreaction, but in this case, it proved to have done something great.  Why bring this up in this section of love because it’s about loving what one has to offer. It’s gonna take some hard work but begin true to yourself and being comfortable with your appearance can and will get you a long way and it’s good for the spirit. Going into 2018 no more will I care about not being able to compete with other men in the looks department but rather find the beauty within and focus on why I know I can compete with anyone because I’m handsome not only on the inside but on the outside as well.

 4. Film

Film is my life seeing as I have an MFA in Film (still feels weird to say) but I do and I need to utilize my knowledge better as well as work on learning. Even though I’m done with school I can never stop learning and 2018 will be just that. 

  1. Finish at least 1 Feature Screenplay
  2. Finish 12 New Short Film Screenplay (1 a month)
  3. Look into business plan for Production company
  4. Shoot a Short Film***
  5. Read One Book a Month film related
  6. One Character Breakdown a month

The purpose of these entries is to goal track and reflection. Instead of keeping everything bottled up year in and year out I will release by daily interactions. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. 

Every night that doesn’t involve alcohol or where I voluntarily I close my eyes I will write down my thoughts on the day and the accomplishments and setbacks that pertains to my ultimate goal of 2018 of rising to the next level.

“I feel alive, and can we try To leave it better than how it came don’t be afraid to change” – Sugarland 

Until Next Time – Cherish The Tradition

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