Day 675 to 680 – First entry of 2018

Saturday, January 6, 2018

First entry of 2018! Off to a bad start, waiting six days, but I got a reason. I was locked out of my account a couple days ago. For some reason someone tried to access my account. Not sure why they’d try other than messing around with my account and/or attempting to access my email. Although, it was quickly solved thanks to O and I got my account back!

The past few days have been productive. First day of the year I spent my time writing a little and relaxing. In other words, any other normal day. Although, I’ve started the year with a new fangirl obsession : Loki. I have been slowly falling in love with the Marvel universe, which before I tried and could never get into. It was the same with DC, but the Joker got me into it and made me like the Riddler and Batman. In the same way, Loki is getting me into Marvel. Although, Doctor Strange, Wonder Woman and Tony Stark are getting me into it too.

In short, throughout the few days I’ve been working on my French exam and my portfolio, taking a few gaming breaks and a day off to hang out with Kohai. I went to eat sushi with her, her sister and mother. I had a fun time! We talked a lot about dreams. Speaking of dreams, I had a cool, vivid and realistic one about having the powers I invented for myself a long time ago, but have recently upgraded it. It was pretty scary though, involving the government going after me and trying to put me into an asylum.

Today I didn’t do any work. Instead I tried getting achievements in a game and was bored for most of the day. Tomorrow I might do a last minute work catch up if I’m not procastinating. Other than that, my family and I tried going out to see a movie, but there were only two seats left. We went back home and tried to watch Fantastic Beasts, but that was no longer available. We then tried to watch The Dark Tower, but that failed. We tried again though and we were able to watch it. It was alright; I know I’d much prefer the book. We also watched the first episode of S4 of Black Mirror. I watched S3, but not S2 or S1. The show is pretty intense and gives me trust issues, haha. You always end up rooting for someone who turns out to be awful. You also end up rooting for things that in reality are terrible, but that are the only option. Makes you check your emotions.

That’s all for today.

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