Getting back to the swing of things SUCKS

Okay, so its Saturday and I start school again on Monday. It kinda sucks but I’m super excited at the same time. I left for campus Friday and it was such a shit show. My mom was pissed that I left then instead of Sunday. She thinks all I do is party and sleep around which okay I love to party and the only guy I’m sleeping with is my man. Anyway, she started yelling at me in front of my younger siblings and it just made me feel so bad. But, I was already home 3 weeks over break like what more does she want from me? I do everything she asks of me I’m in school like she wanted, I help her with the kids, I’m always very attentive. I know its probably hard for her to let her firstborn go but cut me some slack you know? I wanna live my life too I want to venture and figure shit out for myself. I don’t know maybe she’ll come around one day. I’m staying with my boyfriend right now because he lives like 3 minutes away from where I live on campus so why not? Plus we haven’t really spent time together since I was away for a break so ya know what I’m saying 😉 he told me he wants to marry me one day… I got all giddy but still nervous. Hopefully, we have a better year than last year. I’m just super excited to get wasted tonight I really need it and I just crack myself up when I’m drunk I’m a pretty good time and plus with school Monday I might as well let loose before the stress starts again. Lowkey, I’m already feeling it a bit I had to pay $500 for my textbooks today. It shattered my heart I could’ve bought shoes or makeup or clothes! Like, who the hell prices these things? Do universities think were shitting money? On top of that, I had to pay 25% of my tuition Friday which came out to $800 like this whole education shit better pay off when I graduate in a few years cause this money we have to pay is no joke. Really tho I am excited to get back to the gym Monday. I need to get right before spring break cause ya girl gonna wild out 😉

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