Getting Started

I’ve wanted to start a diary for a while to document my journey here on the ranch my husband and I take care of.
We have been here for fourteen and half months. We moved to Oregon to take this job. We moved from So Cal and we have had a lot of adjusting to do. Everything is different, from weather to working and living with my spouse 24/7, each having their challenge.
First and foremost, I MISS MY KIDS AND GRANDKIDS. We have 3 children, 1 daughter she is 35 married and 4 children of her own, and 2 sons 28 and 26, neither are married or have children. All of them have visited since we moved here and our sons are both planning to move into the area.

Enough on that for now.

The day we arrived Mid-October 2016 the rain started to come down 15 minutes after we emptied the moving truck and it rained, snowed or was foggy everyday until May 2017. The area of Oregon we live in broke long held rain and snow fall records and the most days without sunshine. Welcome to Oregon!!!!! Funny thing, the summer of 2017 was record setting too, highest day time temps 105 degrees and the most days without rain, 78. That’s nothing compared to the extremely hot temps and sunny days of SoCal.
We survived the first year and everything it threw at us weather wise.

A brief description of what our job includes.
The ranch is a total 0f 500 acres, most of the land is leased out to a local farmer so we only take care of approximately 100 acres. We maintain the landscape and repairs on the main house, out buildings and barns. (more details on “maintenance” later) There are 12 horses 11 are boss mans and one is mine, her name is Baylee and she is 19 years old and I have had her since she was born. Other animals include 8 Alpaca. 2 Llamas, chickens, barn cats and 4 dogs (2 are ours and 2 our Boss mans). You’ll get to know more about each of them along the journey.
I plan to share the good and the bad, the lessons learned and the personal growth I have experienced along the way.
I hope to share with anyone who comes across this diary things I’ve learned and hope it gives them some ideas how to overcome an issue they are dealing with and hope you’ll will share with me how you have solved a problem I’m having .
Thank you for reading thus far and I look forward to sharing and hope I can make you laugh along the way.
Happy Ranching

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