have a seat at the table

when you first read this you may question my name. “midnight star” what is this tumblr?, and you have every right to do so. Let me explain, my best ideas only come at midnight. i shine the brightest when only darkness surrounds me. Got it?, good. moving on to why i even started this is because well, duh i needed a diary. a quiet place where i could project my thoughts and events that happened in my life. i didn’t want judgement or someone to tell me how to tell my story. this is raw,uncut and may even give you a chuckle here and there . Lets not get to upset now , i do not want to be like other diaries or blogs. I noticed a lot of blogs and or journals always start with the “whys”. Why me?, why am i not pretty?, why am i not with the popular guy at school?, why am i abandoned, hurt,forgotten, and ugly. well, i know exactly how to answer those in my stories. so pull up a chair, have glass of wine,or juice if you prefer it. This may not suppress you but it very much will make you say ” Damn”. 

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