Juliet’s Diary


Today Mom asked to talk to me, and then she asked me if I had ever thought about marriage. I said no, and then asked why. She said that I had better start thinking about it because Paris wants to marry me. I said that I would look at him at the party tonight and see if I liked him. Speaking of which, I’ve got to go get ready for the party.


My entire life has completely changed. I was at the party, when this man came up to me. He started complimenting me and held my hand, and then he kissed me! We were then interrupted by Nurse who said that Mom wanted to talk to me. When I got back to Nurse, I asked her who the man I had kissed was. She replied, saying that it was Romeo! I was devastated because I knew that Romeo was a Montague and our families hated each other.  After the party, I went to my balcony, and started talking to myself. I was wondering why Romeo had to be a Montague, and then said that either he could stop being a Montague, or I would stop being a Capulet. Then, someone in the darkness said something. I was shocked and called out “who’s there?” He wouldn’t actually tell me his name, but I recognized his voice. It was Romeo. I told him that if any of my family saw him here, they would kill him, since he was a Montague, but he said that he didn’t care. I then said that I should have played hard to get, but I liked him too much. He then tried to swear his love for me, but then I realized how fast this all is. I told him that we were going to fast, and that this was all too crazy. He then said that this was all too good to be true, so I told him that if he really liked me, tomorrow he should send me information about where and when we’ll be married. Eventually we parted, but it was sad since we didn’t want to leave each other. I’m so excited for our wedding!



This morning I sent Nurse to go find Romeo and ask him about our wedding. She took FOREVER to get back, and when she did, she wouldn’t tell me anything at first. She just kept complaining about her aching bones. When she finally started talking she told me to go to Friar Lawrence’s cell, where Romeo was waiting for me so we could get married. When I got to Friar Lawrence’s cell, we got married. I was so happy. When I got home, I was yearning for it to become nighttime so that I could see Romeo again. Then, Nurse came in, looking very upset. She kept on crying “He’s dead.” I started to panic, thinking that it was Romeo who had died. She said that Tybalt, by cousin had died. I got super upset thinking that both Romeo and my cousin had died, but then Nurse said that Tybalt had died and Romeo had been banished. I realized that it must have been Romeo that killed Tybalt. I got very upset at the thought of Romeo’s banishment, since it meant we couldn’t be together and I told Nurse that hearing that Romeo had been banished was like hearing that my mother, father, Tybalt, and Romeo had all been killed. Nurse said she would look for Romeo for me, so I told her to take my ring to give to him. I then went to my room and cried.



Today morning, I tried to convince Romeo to stay with me longer by saying that the birds we heard were nightingales instead of larks. But they were actually larks, and I realized it was morning, so I told Romeo to leave. Then Nurse came into my room to tell me that my mom was coming to my room, so Romeo made to leave and we said our goodbyes. Once he left, my mom came into my room and asked me when I was goig to stop crying about Tybalt’s death. She then told me she had some good news, so I got excited but then she told me that I had to marry Paris on Thursday. I told my mother that I couldn’t marry Paris because I didn’t like him. Then my father came into my room, and when he heard that I didn’t want to marry Paris, he got really mad. I begged for him to listen to me, but he wouldn’t. He just kept on ranting  about how I was ungrateful and that if I didn’t marry Paris, he would kick me out of the house. Then he and my mom left, and when I asked for some comfort from Nurse, she took their side, saying that I should just marry Paris. I can’t believe her! She used to love Romeo, and now she thinks I should just abandon him for Paris. From now on, I’m never telling her anything. I then decided to go to Friar Lawrence’s cell for some advice. I got to Friar Lawrence’s cell and asked him for help. I told him that if he couldn’t help me, I would kill myself. He then told me his plan to help me. He told me that I should go home, and pretend to have changed my mind about marrying Paris, and then when I went to bed, to take a drug that makes me seem like I’m dead. Then when I am in the Capulet family tomb, I would wake up from the drug induced sleep, and Romeo will come to get me. It was my only chance to be with Romeo so I took it. When I got home, I told my father that I was sorry for being disobedient, and that I was willing to marry Paris. Then I went to my room with Nurse to figure out what I would wear for the wedding with Paris tomorrow. Once we finished, I told her to leave and got out the potion the Friar had given me. I was scared, but I wanted to be with Romeo, so I drank it and then fell into a deep sleep.



I just woke up from my sleep, excited to be with my husband. I saw Friar Lawrence, but he looked distressed. I looked down and I saw Romeo’s dead body on the ground next to me. He had a vial of poison in his hands. I became upset because he didn’t leave any for me to kill myself with. Then I noticed Romeo’s knife and picked it up. I decided that I didn’t want to live without my Romeo and so I stabbed myself.

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