Locked Out

Signing into my yahoo account I found an email from GNJ .. ‘for your security, your account has been locked after too many failed login attempts .. WHAT??? .. IT WASN’T ME!!! .. I thought this was a joke until I tried to sign in and found a little note .. ‘your account has been locked, try again in 4 weeks’ .. 4 WEEKS??? .. YOU’RE KIDDING ME .. okay don’t panic, a link was sent in the email .. back to yahoo, retrieved the link only .. OOPS THAT PAGE DOESN’T EXIST .. Frustration, it this it, is this the end of my time on GNJ .. one more thought, let’s try the direct contact way .. In a flash another email .. Hi Reflective_Echo I have unlocked your account .. YIPPEE .. that was quick, thank you so much .. Relax .. Smile .. Hello again GNJ .. 🙂

I can’t believe anyone would try hacking into my account here, I mean what would be the purpose of that?

I’m very appreciative to O.Park for being so quick to respond to my query, that is not my usual experience when things go wrong on a website. Makes this place feel all the more homely and personal which is how a journal journey should be.

3 thoughts on “Locked Out”

  1. This just happened to me as well….mine was just unlocked this morning….statting to think it may have been the site…?

  2. I have no idea, I try not to dwell on the whys, I’m just glad it is fixed .. 🙂

  3. It happened to me as well. So I got rid of yahoo all together. I got a different email, now. Had to change all of my emails, for bills and stuff. What a pain in the butt.

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