My Journey to Joy, A New Beginning


I don’t want to make my journal too complicated. After all, I don’t need to know my own life story and I have actually written it out before. However, I would recommend writing your own life story as it gives you the opportunity to reflect on your past. You can also collect your memories (even the fuzzy ones), sort them out, process them and finally you get to choose what parts of your life that you want to carry into your future and what to put to rest and leave behind. This journal is one that focuses on the here and now, my near future and my distant future.

The “here and now” part on my journal consist of my current state of mine, sorting out my thoughts on what is most important to me and deciphering a plan that helps to ensure that I am extending myself to what really matters to me. My intentions are to be more deliberate in the plans that I make to be sure to include the people that mean the most to me (and bring me joy), as well as places, events and activities. What I do not intend to do is become unrealistic and ridged with my plans, nor do I want to make plans for my time where I feel pressured or obligated to involve myself with things outside of what I feel is best for me. With that said, I have to admit that I might waist a lot of time by dragging my feet on some things or just plane not having an effective plan in play. So with that said, it’s time to organize my thoughts and write out a plan. TBC ~RT   

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