Spanish dream

So I dreamt that I was sleeping in my bed and I couldn’t sleep and then this guy came in my room and just lay with me and I think I knew him from work and I think he changed person and was someone else too. Anyways he lay with me and I just feel asleep. It was reallly weird because I felt like it wasn’t right since it wasn’t my bf. Anyways after I was with my mom and my grandma who both speak very good Spanish and we were travelling on a train. And then we switched trains and cars a bunch of time. Then we ended up in someone’s house who spoke Spanish but I couldn’t make out who they were. It was a couple and they had an older daughter. It was weird because my dreams are usually in English and this was in Spanish with some English. So I was in a corner looking at ferrets in a little box and I was looking to see which ones were nice ones so I could take one home? And one of them bit me so anyways I was looking for one who was not going to bite me. Then all of a sidden a bulldog and another dog pop out of nowhere and I’m like nah I don’t want a dog I want a ferret so I move away from the dogs to search and I don’t know where the ferrets went. So anyways we all go to the living room and I’m opening this cereal box cuz the ferrets were in one of those but this one had ham and cheese and something else so then the older girl started making pizza. And then we started giving eachother presents. I think it was Christmas presents and the girl opened hers and it was these cute lights that turned on at night and I think they use essence oils or something. Then my mom opened her present and it was a bird house made out of wood which I think they made. And what was weird about is that you could see inside almost like a girls toy house and the hole for the birds was huge. Usually it’s a small hole and this was almost as big as the house but it was really beautiful. Then I woke up. Super weird dreams. I think it was because I was worried about work today and that’s why a person from work showed up. And I’m talking to my mom about moving out so I dreamt of the box. The ferrets not too sure why but I think I just still want one because I used to have them. So maybe I’m considering wanting them now that I’m moving out of my moms place. 

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