Starting Over

Life got pretty fucking real last month. I got fired right before Christmas. Luckily I was able to pay my rent, but now I am panicking thinking about next month. I have yet to hear from unemployment and have about 300 or so left of my savings. Even if I manage to get a job by next week I don’t know if I will be able to have enough to cover my rent. 

It was cool being home the first few days, but after my reality set in I’ve been restless with anxiety. I regret moving and leaving everything I had. I really need to get the fuck back home to California and just suck it up. I really don’t have any excuses and am sick of taking care of everyone but me.

I am wine drunk off 2 (big) glasses and this sticky weed.
Finally some decent shit today too. My fuckin dealer always bringing me boobooshit weed.

Over and out.



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