Right, I’m doing this.

I’ve ended up here after seeing a Buzzfeed video about a woman who bought a stranger’s diary off ebay and it made me want to google ‘read people’s diaries’ and after reading some of the entries here I really felt compelled to comment on them, and also maybe, just.. share my own thoughts, feelings, poems, whatever else may be brewing in my mind.

I’ll begin with easy beginnings for a first entry, by listing my goals for 2018:

This year I would like to:

  • Learn some basic Italian
  • Lose around 6kgs 
  • Cut down on wine (I really love wine)
  • Cook a new dish every Sunday
  • Complete my movie watchlist for 2018

4 thoughts on “ENTRY 1”

  1. I also came here because of the same buzzfeed video (:

  2. I wish you the best of luck on your 2018 goals. I am new around here as well but not due to the buzzfeed article. Hope you have a great weekend. ☺

  3. Hey also did this because of buzzfeed ! Great read too .

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